How does the USB thumb drive format work?

Our USB thumb drives contain all the video files needed for the course in the highest quality possible. They also include the digital course books, which you can access from a computer. You are free to transfer these files from the USB drive to use them or store them on whatever device is most convenient for you.

These drives will work on any computer or TV with a USB-A port.

USB-A thumb drive
What our thumb drives look like.
The thumb drive can be closed.

Technical Details

  • USB-A type thumb or flash drives
  • Drives formatted FAT32 for widest compatibility
  • Videos are in MP4 file format
  • Books are in PDF file format, and sometimes additionally in EPUB & MOBI formats.

On TVs

The video files should be compatible with most TVs that have a USB port. We've named the folders in a way to make getting to your lesson as quick and easy as possible using the viewing menu for an array of TVs.

Menus and options for each TV manufacturer will differ. Please consult the user's manual for your device.

On Computers

The thumb drives will appear as a connected drive on your computer. We've put the lesson videos and course books within separate subfolders so that you can find what you need quickly.

You will need video player software that is capable of playing files with an .mp4 extension. The files are encoded with the HEVC codec to ensure the best quality possible.

If you play the file but only hear audio and don't see video, install the free software VideoLAN Media Player. It has been used by customers to play the videos on the thumb drive successfully.

What about DVDs?

We'll be slowly transitioning from DVDs to USB thumb drives for all our products, since DVDs are becoming more difficult to produce and thumb drives can provide much better video quality at a similar price to our customers.

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