How Subscriptions Work

Subscriptions offer access anytime and anywhere to a course or bundle of courses at an affordable monthly rate. You can purchase the products you want within the time period you need. Since you are paying for access to the course content and not a physical product.

In addition, our subscription products can be played from your account page once you log into our store. There are no cables to attach, and no DVDs to find!

How do subscriptions differ from digital products?

Subscriptions differ from their digital counterparts in how you pay for them. Rather than pay the entire product price on the day of purchase, you pay the recurring monthly charge as advertised. Digital describes content, and subscription describes the payment method.

How do subscription licenses work?

Subscriptions are licensed to a single family. In other words, use your Compass Classroom Premium Membership subscription for all of the children in your household! All the lessons are available to your family members at a single monthly price.

If you are leading a co-op or tutorial and plan to use one of our subscription courses, we ask that all participating families purchase a subscription to the course used in the tutorial. If the tutorial is using American History, then participating families may either purchase the single American History subscription or the Compass Classroom Premium Membership which contains American History and the other courses.

Are subscriptions enabled for all of your products?

Not yet, but we plan to make regular increases in our catalog. New products will be developed with a subscription model in mind. The Compass Classroom Premium Membership provides access to most of our subscription catalog in one product.

If I have already purchased a curricular item, do I need to purchase it again as a subscription?

No. We’re not providing any disruption to our valued customers. We’re simply providing an affordable way to integrate some of our other products into your homeschool.

You may, however, find value in purchasing a subscription in addition to your physical or downloadable product. Subscription products are as mobile as your Internet-ready devices. Going on a trip as part of your American History study? Take your phone or tablet and leave the DVDs at home!

How can I view the details of my subscription?

Once you’ve logged in to your account, go to “Subscription Settings” on the left-hand menu. You can see the product, start date, billing amount, and next billing date of your subscription. Contact us if you have any questions about your subscription.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will no longer have access to the content purchased as a subscription.

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