How do I get the course materials for my purchases?

All our video-based courses come with access to PDFs of the textbook, worksheets, teacher’s guide, etc…

  1. If you purchased DVDs: We encourage you to download the latest versions of the PDFs from our website by selecting the 'Digital Books' option from the Course Materials product page:
    1. Devotional Biology Course Materials
    2. Visual Latin Course Materials
    3. American History Course Materials
    4. Modernity Course Materials
  2. If you purchased the digital product, there are two ways to access the materials: Log into your account and click on ‘downloads’ on the left side of the page to access all your downloads, including the pdf.  
  3. OR
  4. Log into your account on My Compass Classroom and click on 'My Courses' icon on the left sidebar of the page.  In each course, there is a 'course materials' tab to download all the needed pdfs.

If you’d like physical books, we do sell them in our store.

You are free to make copies of any of our pdf materials for use in your family.  If you plan to use the material in a group or co-op setting, you'll need a group license.  Oftentimes, print shops will refuse to make copies because of copyright, unless there is printed permission.  This statement from Compass Classroom should allow you to make copies as you please.

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